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Student Movements

(see also New Left 1960s, Civil Rights Movement, Anti-Sweatshop Movement & American Radicalism)

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On the Web: Articles

Student Movements, 1930s. Robert Cohen, Encyclopedia of the American Left (1998).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Student Action for Change.

In the Library: Articles

Childs, John Brown. "The new youth peace movement: creating broad strategies for community renaissance in the US," Social Justice 24,4 (win 97):247-57.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Boren, Mark Edelman. Student Resistance: A History of the Unruly Subject (NY: Routledge, 2001).

Cohen, Robert. When the Old Left Was Young: Student Radicals & America's First Mass Student Movement, 1929-1941 (NY: Oxford, 1993).

Christiansen, John B. & Sharon N. Barnartt. Deaf President Now! The 1988 Revolution at Gallaudet University (Washington, 1995).

DeConde, Alexander (ed.) Student Activism: Town & Gown in Historical Perspective (NY: Scribner's, 1971).

Evans, Sarah M. (ed). Journeys that Opened Up the World: Women, Student Christian Movements, & Social Justice, 1955-1975 (Piscataway NJ: Rutgers, 2003).

Isaac, Katherine. Ralph Nader's Practicing Democracy 1997: A Guide to Student Action (NY: St. Martin's, 1995).

Jacobs, Paul & Saul Landau. The New Radicals: A Report with Documents (NY: Random House, 1966). Incisive & still-useful early "analytical portrait of young radical activists who have repudiated traditional liberalism & seek a new vision of America through civil rights, university reform, & anti-war & other anti-poverty activities."

Loeb, Paul Rogat. Generation at the Crossroads: Apathy & Action on the American Campus (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 1994).

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"Poetic License" [2002], dir. David Yanofsky. Performance film on the Teen Poetry Slam Movement.

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