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Andrews, Reid. "Social history & the Populist movement: contesting the political terrain," Journal of Social History 29 (1995).

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Szasz, Ferenc. "US populism," in M. Conniff (ed.) Latin American Populism (Albuquerque, 1982), p. 191-215.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Goodwyn, Lawrence. Democratic Promise. The Populist Movement in America (NY: Oxford, 1976), & abridged version, The Populist Movement: A Short History of the Agrarian Revolution in America (NY: Oxford, 1978).

Hightower, Jim. There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes & Dead Armadillos (NY, 1998).

__________. If the Gods Had Meant for Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us More Candidates: More Political Subversion from... (NY, 2000).

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Sanders, Elizabeth. Roots of Reform: Farmers, Workers, & the American State, 1877-1917 (Chicago, 1999).

Woodward, C. Vann. Tom Watson: Agrarian Rebel (NY: Oxford, 196?).

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