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Argentine Radicalism

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Molyneaux, Maxine. "No God, no boss, no husband: anarchist feminism in 19th-c. Argentina," Latin American Perspectives 48 (win 86):119-46.

Thompson, Ruth. "The limitations of ideology in the early Argentine labour movement: anarchism in the traded unions, 1890-1920," Journal of Latin American Studies 16,1 (5/84):81-99.

Winn, Peter. "From Martín Fierro to Peronism: a century of Argentine social protest," The Americas 35,1 (7/78):89-94.

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Baily, Samuel L. Labor, Nationalism & Politics in Argentina (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 1967).

Barrancos, Dora. Anarquismo, educación, y costumbres en la Argentina de principios de siglo (Buenos Aires, 1990).

Bayer, Osvaldo. Los vengadores de la Patagonia trágica (3 vols.; Buenos Aires, 1974).

Gilimón, Eduardo G. Un anarquista en Buenos Aires (1890-1910) (Buenos Aires: Centro Editora de América Latina, 1971).

Oved, Iaacov. El anarquismo y el movimiento obrero en Argentina (México: Siglo XXI, 1978).

Walter, Richard J. The Socialist Party of Argentina, 1890-1930 (Austin: U. of Texas, 1976).

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