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European Romani (Gypsy) & Traveller History, Life & Values

(see also Gypsy American (Romani) History, Life & Values, Anti-Gypsyism & Holocaust)

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On the Web: Articles

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Centre de Recherches Tsiganes (Université René Descartes, Paris).

European Roma Rights Center.

Project on Ethnic Relations (Princeton NJ). Dedicated to reducing interethnic conflict in Central & Eastern Europe & the former Soviet Union.

Roma History.

Roma News Network.

Romani Archives & Documentation Center (U. of Texas).

Roma Scholars.

Rom News Society.

Patrin. Online journal of Romani culture & history.

WWW Virtual Library.

In the Library: Articles

Godwin, Peter. "Gypsies: the outsiders," National Geographic 199,4 (01):72-101.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Acton, T.A. Gypsy Politics & Social Change: The Development of Ethnic Ideology & Pressure Politics among British Gypsies from Victorian Reformism to Romany Nationalism (London: Routledge, 1974).

__________. Scholarship & the Gypsy Struggle: Commitment in Romany Studies. Papers in Honor of Donald Kenrick (Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 2000).

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Danbakli, Marielle (ed.) Roma, Gypsies: Texts Issued by International Institutions (Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 2001). Invaluable reference for Romani rights in international law.

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Ficowski, Jerzy. The Gypsies in Poland: History & Customs (Warsaw: Interpress, 1989).

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__________; Elisa Maria Lopes da Costa & Sharon Sillers Floate. Deportaciones de gitanos (Madrid: Presencia Gitana, 1999). Colonial & 19th-c. deportations of Gypsies to Brazil, Spanish America, English America & Australia.

Guy, Will (ed.) Between Past & Future: The Roma of Central & Eastern Europe (Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 2001).

Hancock, Ian. We Are the Romani People (Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 2002). Invaluable modern introduction to history & culture.

Jayat, Sandra. La longue route d'une Zingarina (Paris: Bordas, 1974).

Keil, Charles; Angeliki Vellou Keil, Dick Blau & Steven Feld. Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives & the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia (Middletown CT: Wesleyan, 2002). First-person narratives interwoven with photographs, cultural commentary & "soundscapes" on an audio CD.

Kenrick, Donald & Gratton Puxon. The Destiny of Europe's Gypsies (NY: Basic Books, 1973).

__________ & Sian Bakewell. On the Verge: The Gypsies of England [1990] (Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 1995).

__________ with Gillian Taylor. Historical Dictionary of the Gypsies (Romanies) (Lanham MD: Scarecrow, 1998).

__________ & Colin Clark. Moving On: The Gypsies & Travellers of Britain (Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 2000).

__________. Gypsies, from the Ganges to the Thames (Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 2004).

Lackova, Ilona. A False Dawn: My Life as a Gypsy Woman in Slovakia (trans. Carlton Bulkin; Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 1999). Slovakia is the country with the highest proportion (some 10%) of Romani people in its population.

Leblon, Bernard. Gypsies & Flamenco: The Emergence of the Art of Flamenco in Andalusia (trans. Sinéad ni Shuinéar; Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 1995).

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In the Library: Fiction

Doughty, Louis. Fires in the Dark (NY: Harper Collins, 2004). Epic story of E. European Roma experience in 20th c.

Hancock, Ian; Siobhan Dowd & Rajko Duric (eds.) The Roads of the Roma: A PEN Anthology of Gypsy Writers (Hatfield: U. of Hertfordshire, 1998).

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Photography

Koudelka, Josef. Gypsies. Photographs (Millerton NY, 1975).

Tomasevic, Nebojsa Bato & Rajko Djuric. Gypsies of the World (NY: Henry Holt, 1988).

CD & Audio:

Film & Video

"Black Cat, White Cat" [1998], Emir Kusturica, 135m.

"Gypsies" [2000], dir. Natalia Homutova, 50m. From Artistic License, Inc.

"Gypsy Caravan" [1999], dir. Albert Maysles, 120m. From Little Dust Productions. Gypsy music from around the world.

"Gypsies Without Tents" [2002], dir. Ivan Tziboulka, 52m. From Latin America Video Archives. Documentary, urban Gypsies in Chile.

"Gadjo Dilo (Crazy Stranger)" [1999], dir. Tony Gatlif, 97m. From New Yorker Films.

"Into the West" [1993], dir. 97m. In video stores. Tinkers & a horse in a Dublin apartment block.

"Ivan & Abraham" [1997], dir. Yolande Zauberman, 101m.

"Latcho Drom (Bonne Route)" [1994], dir. Tony Gatlif, 103m.

"Les Princes" [1983], dir. Tony Gatlif, 100m. Gypsies as underclass in N.E. France.

"Queen of the Gypsies (Tabor ukhodit v nebo)" [1975], dir. Emil Loteanu, 99m. Gypsy life in Moldova, based on Maxim Gorky stories.

"The Raggedy Rawney" [1988], dir. Bob Hoskins, 103m. Gypsy band adopts an AWOL soldier during World War II.

"The Romany Trail" [1992], dir. ?, ?m. From Shanachie Video.

"Snatch" [2001], dir. Guy Ritchie, 90m. Gripping drama portraying Irish Tinkers in a positive light.

"Time of the Gypsies (Dom za vesanje)" [1988], dir. Emir Kusturica, 142m.

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