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(see also Whaling)

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Everything Norwegian.

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Barton, H. Arnold. Sweden & Visions of Norway: Politics & Culture, 1814-1905 (Carbondale: Southern Illinois U., 2003).

Bystydzienski, Jill M. Women in Electoral Politics: Lessons from Norway (Westport CT: Praeger, 1995).

Dyck, Noel (ed.) Indigenous Peoples & the Nation-State: "Fourth World" Politics in Canada, Australia & Norway (St. John's: Memorial U. of Newfoundland, 1985).

Shaffer, William R. Politics, Parties & Parliaments: Political Change in Norway (Columbus: Ohio State U., 1998).

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"Aberdeen" [2001], dir. Hans Petter Moland, 103m. From First Run Features.

"Cool & Crazy" [2001], dir. Knut Erik Jensen, 89m. From First Run Features. Comradeship in a men's choir.

"Kitchen Stories" [2003], dir. Brent Hamer, 95m. In video stores.

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