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On the Web: Articles

Emergency Talks Planned Over Mounting Ulster Violence. Warren Hoge, NY Times (6/16/02).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

In the Library: Articles:

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In the Library: Fiction

Deane, Seamus. Reading in the Dark: A Novel (London: Jonathan Cape, 1996).

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Photography

Blair, Robert & Bill Kirk, text by Ian Hill. Northern Ireland (Dover NH: Blackstaff, 1986).

CD & Audio:

Film & Video:

"Bloody Sunday" [2002], dir. Paul Greenglass, 107m. In video stores. Brilliant reconstruction of 1/30/72 massacre by British troops of peaceful civil rights demonstraters in Derry, which recruited young men to IRA & fanned flames of civil war.

"The Crying Game" [1992], dir. Neil Jordan, 112m. In video stores.

"Hidden Agenda" [1990], dir. Ken Loach, 106m. In video stores. Belfast police detective & victim's girlfriend look for assassin of an American human rights activist.

"In the Name of the Father" [1994], dir. Jim Sheridan, ?m.

"My Brother's War" [1998], dir. James Brolin, ?m.

"Nothing Personal" [1995], dir. Thadeus O'Sulivan, ?m. Explores motivations of fighters in ethnic conflict, & how a loose cannon from either side can jeopardize peace process.

"Pack Up the Troubles" [??], Channel IV TV, London, 60m. From Celtic Video. Argues for British withdrawal.

"Some Mother's Son" [1996], dir. Terry George, 112m.

"A War of Children" [1972], dir. George Schaeffer, 73m.

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