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Iraq: Kurdistan

(see also Iraq, Iraq: Saddam Regime, Gulf War, 1990-2003, Iraq: US Occupation, Turkey: Kurdistan & Iran)

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On the Web: Articles

Kurds Tightening Grip on Kirkuk. Mark Macdonald, San Jose Mercury (4/29/03).

Saddam Prison Becomes a Museum. Jonathan S. Landay, San Jose Mercury News (2/18/03). Kurds refurbish Sulaimaniya interrogation center as war crimes museum.

Kurdish Leaders Enraged by "Undemocratic" American Plan to Occupy Iraq. Patrick Cockburn, Truthout (1/17/03).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Kurdistan Observer.

Swarna Rajagopalan's page on the Iraq Question.

ZNet Iraq Watch.

In the Library: Articles

Atarodi, Habibollah. "The Kurds: a nation of thirty million people denied its freedom," Journal of Social, Political & Economic Studies 16,3 (fall 1991):273-86.

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Cockburn, Patrick. "Diary," London Review of Books (5/19/05):34-35. Baghdad & North in early May, 2005. Especially insightful about position of Kurds.

Glass, Charles. "Caldron in Northern Iraq," Nation (3/24/03):4-5.

Goldberg, Jeffrey. "The great terror," New Yorker (3/25/02):52-75.

__________. "Waiting at the front," New Yorker (4/7/03):48-53. Mood in Kurdistan during war.

__________. "Wartime friendships," New Yorker (4/14/03): 30-33.

Griswold, Eliza. "The Kurds take a city," Nation (5/3/03):5-6. Digging in in Kirkuk.

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Sarna, Igal. "The Kurd's seven beds," in his The Man Who Fell into a Puddle: Israeli Lives (NY: Pantheon, 2002). Engaging story of an Iraqi Kurdish Jew, immigrant to Israel in the 1950s, his longing for home, & his visits to US-protected home town in 1990s.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ahmed, Mohammed M.A. & Michael M. Gunter. The Kurdish Question & International Law: An Analysis of the Legal Rights of the Kurdish People (Oakton VA: Ahmed Foundation for Kurdish Studies, 2000).

Ali, Tariq. Bush in Babylon: the Recolonisation of Iraq (2nd ed,; NY: Verso, 2004). Includes useful review of 20th-c. Iraqi history.

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Bird, Christiane. A Thousand Sighs, a Thousand Revolts: Journeys in Kurdistan (NY: Ballantine, 2004).

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Cook, Helena. The Safe Haven in Northern Iraq: International Responsibility for Iraqi Kurdistan (London: Kurdistan Human Rights Project, 1995).

Elahi, Maryam. Human Rights Violations against the Kurds in Turkey & Iraq (Tallahassee FL: Badlisy Center for Kurdish Studies, 1993).

Fieldhouse, D.K. Kurds, Arabs & Britons: The Memoir of Col. W.A. Lyon in Kurdistan (London: I.B. Tauris, 2002). Colonialist account from the 1920s.

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Thornhill, Teresa. Sweet Tea with Cardamom: A Journey through Iraqi Kurdistan (London: Pandora, 1997).

In the Library: Fiction

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Photography

Lovat, François-Xavier. Kurdistan Irak (Paris, 1997).

Kashi, Ed. When the Borders Bleed: The Struggle of the Kurds (NY, 1994). Informative intro by Christopher Hitchens.

Meiselas, Susan. Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History (?, 1997).

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"In the Name of Honor" [2000], dir. Alex Gabbay, 24m. From Bullfrog Films.

"Marooned in Iraq" [2003], dir. Bahman Ghobadi, 108m. Iranian Kurd musicians search for a colleague in Iraq during Iran-Iraq war.

"Saddam's Ultimate Solution" [2002], dir. Gwynne Roberts, ?m. From PBS.

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