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Iran: Baha'i Community

(see also Iran, Iran: Islamic Revolution 1979-1998 & Iran since 1998)

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On the Web: Articles

The Bahais of Iran. Juan Cole, History Today (4/90).

Bahais claim mistreatment in Iran. Lisa Bernard, Chicago Flame (12/1/98).

Against All Odds: Despite Grave Danger, Iran’s Bahais Study at Underground University. Leela Jacinto, ABCNews (5/21/04).

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In the Library: Articles

“Persecution of the Baha'i Faith in Iran,” Official Journal of the European Communities 42,320 (1999):129.

“Death sentences pronounced against two members of the Bahai faith in Iran,” Official journal of the European Communities 40,217 (1997):208.

“Desecration of Baha'i graves in Iran,” Official Journal of the European Communities 37,25 (1994):6.

Bollag, Burton. “Thirty-six professors arrested in Iranian crackdown on underground Bahai University,” Chronicle of Higher Education (11/13/98).

Bronner, Ethan. “Iran closes 'university' run covertly by Bahais,” NY Times (8/29/98).

Collier Robert. “Shi'ite regime's persecution keeps Baha'i faith in shadows of Iran; imprisonments & alleged torture incurred since fall of Shah,” San Francisco Chronicle (12/4/03).

Crossette, Barbara. “US Bahais assail Iran's crackdown: group asserts Islamic leaders are stepping 'religious persecution' of sect,” NY Times (8/18/81).

Frelick, Bill. “Iran's Bahai'is: victims of continuing genocide,” Christian Century 103 (12/3/86):1095.

Jahanpour, Ruhiyyih. “The crimes of Iran (persecution of Bahais),” NY Times (11/25/85):20.

__________. “Refusal to give up her faith led to imprisonment, torture & exile for an Iranian Baha'i,“ People Weekly (9/10/85):99.

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Weinraub, Bernard. "Satanism in Iran: Shiraz religious judge condemns Bahais," NY Times (5/26/83):22N.

_________. “Reagan to assail Iran over Bahais: to urge Khomeini government to halt planned executions,” NY Times ( 5/22/83).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bürgel, Johann Christoph & Isabel Schayani. Iran im 19 Jahrhundert und die Entstehung der Baha'i religion (Hildesheim: Olms, 1998).

Cole, Juan R.I. Modernity & the Millennium : the Genesis of the Baha'i faith in the 19th-C. Middle East (NY: Columbia, 1998).

Cooper, Roger. The Baha'is of Iran (London: Minority Rights Group, 1982).

Ghanea-Hercock, Nazila. Human Rights, the UN & the Bahá'ís in Iran (NY : Kluwer Law International, 2002).

MacEoin, Denis. A People Apart : the Bahai Community of Iran in the 20th C. (London: U. of London, 1989).

Nash, Geoffrey. Iran's Secret Pogrom : The Conspiracy to Wipe out the Bahais (Sudbury ONT: N. Spearman, 1982).

Sears, William. A Cry from the Heart: The Bahá'ís in Iran (Oxford: G. Ronald, 1982).

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