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India: Dalits

(see also India, India since Independence)

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An Opulent and Pugnacious Champion of India's Outcasts.

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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar & His People.

Dalitstan Organization. Promotes human rights of the hundreds of millions of Dalits (Sudras, or "Untouchables").

Project Shanti Bhavan.

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Freeman, James M. Untouchable: An Indian Life History (Stanford: Stanford U, 1979).

Hiro, Dilip. The Untouchables of India (rev. ed.; London: Minority Rights Group, 1982).

Isaacs, Harold R. India's Ex-Untouchables (NY: John Day, 1965).

Joshi, Barbara. Untouchable! Voices of the Dalit Liberation Movement (London: Zed, 1986).

Liddle, Joanna & Rama Joshi. Daughters of Independence: Gender, Caste & Class in India (London: Zed, 1986).

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"Bandit Queen" [1994], dir. Shekhar Kapur, 119m. In video stores. Controversial "life story" of Phoolan Devi, Dalit woman bandit & rebel who fought back against sexism & caste system, & was shot by police in 2001.

"Saanjh" [2000], dir. Arjun Raina, 20m. From NAATA Distribution. Caste discrimination at work during late-night crisis in a railroad car.

"Where the Twain Shall Meet (Kitte mil ve mahi)" [2004], dir. Arshia Sattar, 72m. Punjabi Dalits & their embrace of Sufism.


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