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India: Assam

(see also India since Independence)

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Assam (Wikipedia).

On the Web: Articles

Architects of Violence: Illegal Immigrants & Communalization in Assam. Bidhan S. Laishram, Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies (6/16/05).

A Dangerous Us & Them Mindset. Sudhanshu Ranjan, Indian Express (11/21/03).

Voluntary Organizations & Militancy: A Personal Account. Sanjoy Ghose (1997).

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Government of Assam.

United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA).

Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organization (UNPO).

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Barua, Harendranath. Reflections on Assam, 1944-1983: A Collection of Writings (Guwahati: Harendranath Barua Memorial Association, 1992).

Bhan, Shusheela. Impact of Ethnic Violence on Youth: A Study of Tribal-Nontribal Violence in Kokrajhar, Assam (Delhi: Shipra, 1999).

Bhattacharji, Chandana. Ethnicity & Autonomy Movement: Case of Bodo-Kacharis of Assam (Delhi: Vikas, 1996).

Ghose, Sanjoy. Sanjoy's Assam: Diaries & Writings of Sanjoy Ghose (NY: Penguin, 1998). Records a remarkable experience of rural community development on giant Majuli Island in the Brahmaputra. Author, founder of the URMUL Trust in Rajasthan, later abducted & killed by United Liberation Front of Assam.

Sharma, Dipti. Assamese Women in the Freedom Struggle (Calcutta: Punthi-Pustak, 1993).

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Film & Video

"India: The Turmoils of the Century" [1994], dir. Arnaud Mandagaran, 120m. From Filmakers' Library.

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