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Great Britain: London since 1850

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Archer, Thomas. The Pauper, the Thief, & the Convict [1865] (NY: Garland, 1985).

August, Andrew. Poor Women's Lives: Gender, Work, & Poverty in Late-Victorian London (Madison NJ: Fairleigh Dickenson U., 1999).

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__________. The Other Empire: Metropolis, India & Progress in the Colonial Imagination (Manchester: Manchester U., 2003).

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Wise, William. Killer Smog: The World's Worst Air Pollution Disaster (NY: Ballantine, 1970).

Woodward, Kathleen. Jipping Street [1928] (London: Virago, 1983).

Yelling, James A. Slums & Slum Clearance in Victorian London (London: Allen & Unwin, 1986).

In the Library: Fiction

Bayard, Louis. Mr. Timothy: A Novel (NY: HarperCollins, 2003).

Besant, Walter. All Sorts & Conditions of Men [18??] (NY: Oxford, 1997).

Clark, Clare. The Great Stink (London: Viking, 2005). 19th c.

Emecheta, Buchi. In the Ditch: A Novel (London: Alison & Busby, 1979).

Hamilton, Patrick. Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky [19??] (NY: NYRB, 2008).

Levy, Andrea. Small IslaThe Slaves of Solitude [19??] (NY: NYRB, 200?).nd (London: Review, 2004). Jamaicans in London.

McEwan, Ian. Saturday: A Novel (NY: Nan A. Talese, 2005). City during Iraq War.

Newland, Courttia. Society Within (London: Abacus, 2000).

Perry, Ann. Long Spoon Lane (NY: Ballantine, 2005).

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In the Library: Photography

Brandt, Bill. Shelters: Living Underground in the London Blitz (London: Nishen Photography, 1988).

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"The Crying Game" [1992], dir. Neil Jordan, 112m. In video stores. London nightlife & IRA terrorism.

"Dirty Pretty Things" [2002], dir. Stephen Frears, 97m. In video stores. Immigrant survival & human organ trade.

"The Horse's Mouth" [1958], dir. Ronald Neame, 97m. In video stores. Eccentric artist's life.

"London" [1994], dir. Patrick Keiller, 94m. Documentary on city in 1992.

"My Beautiful Launderette" [1985], dir. Stephean Frears, 97m. In video stores. South Asian London in 80s.

"To Sir, With Love" [1967], dir. James Clavell, 105m. In video stores. Inner city schools.

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