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Vichy France, 1940-1944

(see also France 1870-1940, France since 1945, World War II: Europe, Germany: Nazi Regime & Holocaust)

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Vichy France (Wikipedia).

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Faulks, Sebastian. Charlotte Gray (NY: Random House, 1999).

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"The Eye of Vichy" [1993], dir. Claude Chabrol, 110m. From First Run Features. French & Nazi film footage aimed at turning public opinion against Allies & Jews during World War II.

"The Sorrow & the Pity (Le chagran et la pitié)" [1969], dir. Marcel Ophuls, 270m. In video stores. Life under the Nazi occupation of France, 1940-1944. Focus on small city of Chermont-Ferrand near Vichy.

"Terrorists in Retirement (Des terroristes à la retraite)" [1983], dir. Mosco Boucault, 84m. Interviews surviving Resistance fighters living modest lives in postwar France.

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