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Czech Republic

(see also Slovakia & Czechoslovakia)

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de Candole, James. Czechoslovakia: The End of an Illusion (London: Alliance, 1993).

Eyal, Gil. The Origins Post-Communist Elites: From Prague Spring to the Break-Up of Czechoslovakia (Minneapolis: U. of Minnesota, 2003).

Leff, Carol Skalnik. The Czech & Slovak Republics: Nation vs. State (Boulder: Westview, 1996).

Smith, Simon. Local Communities & Post-Communist Transformation: Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic & Slovakia (NY: Routledge/Curzon, 2003).\

Wightman, Gordon (ed.) Party Formation in East-Central Europe: Post-Communist Politics in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland & Bulgaria (Brookfield VT: E. Elgar, 1995).

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Hamburger, Aaron. The View from Stalin's Head (NY: Random House, 2004). Prague as experienced by Americans in early 1990s.

Monikova, Libuse. Façade: M.N.O.P.Q. [1987] (London: Chatto & Windus, 1992).

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