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China & the US

(see also Chinese American History, Life & Values, Chinese Exclusion, & US & Far East)

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When Even Old Glory is Made in China. Leita Walker, Christian Science Monitor (7/1/03). Post-9/11 outsourcing of US flag supply.

In the Library: Articles

Melby, John F. "The origins of the Cold War in China," Pacific Affairs 41,1 (1968):19-33. Background to US China policy.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Barnett, A. Doak. Communist China & Asia: Challenge to American Policy (NY, 1960).

Forsythe, Sidney A. An American Missionary Community in China, 1895-1905 (Cambridge MA: Harvard, 1972).

Franke, Wolfgang. China & the West (Oxford, 1967).

Hibbert, Christopher. The Dragon Wakes: China & the West, 1793-1911 (London, 1970).

Isaacs, Harold R. Scratches on Our Minds (NY: John Day, 1958; reissued as Images of Asia: American Views of China & India (NY: Harper & Row, 1972).

Kessler, Lawrence D. The Jiangyin Mission Station: An American Missionary Community in China, 1895-1951 (Chapel Hill: U. of North Carolina, 1996).

Lodwick, Kathleen L. Crusaders Against Opium: Protestant Missionaries, in China, 1874-1917 (Lexington, 1996).

Spence, Jonathan D. To Change China: Western Advisers in China, 1620-1960 (rev. ed.; Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1980).

Thomson, James C.; Peter W. Stanley & John Curtis Perry. Sentimental Imperialists: The American Experience in East Asia (NY, 1982).

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