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Chile: Pinochet Regime

(see also Chile, Chile since 1990 & Chile: Popular Unity)

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On the Web: Articles

A Journey Through Pinochet's Chile. Peter Stalker, New Internationalist 174 (8/87).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Center for Justice & Accountability.

The Crimes of Augusto Pinochet. Crimes against humanity, 1973-90, attributable to the dictator.

Ibermundo Chile.

In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Alexander, Robert J. The Tragedy of Chile (Westport CT: Greenwood, 1978).

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Collins, Joseph & John Lear. Chile's Free-Market Miracle: A Second Look (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1995). Brilliant, balanced critique of "hothouse" neoliberal reforms carried out under Pinochet regime. Chap. 4, a lucid outline of neoliberalism as economic & political doctrine, should be read by every American to know what we've embraced (or are up against!).

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In the Library: Fiction

Bustamante, Oscar. Café cortado (Santiago: Ediciones B, 2002).

Contreras, Gonzalo. La ciudad anterior (Santiago: Alfaguara, 2001).

Lemebel, Pedro. Tengo miedo torero (Buenos Aires: Seix Barral, 2002). The 1986 assassination attempt on Pinochet, seen from the perspective of a transvestite collaborator who offers a unique view of the dictator & his household, the dictatorship, & on the marginalized gay society of Chile.

Rivera Letelier, Hernán. La Reina Isabel cantaba rancheras (Santiago: Planeta, 1997).

Traba, Marta. Conversación al sur (México: Siglo XXI, 1981; English trans. Mothers & Shadows; NY: Readers International, 1986).

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Before, During, After" [199?], dir. Frank Diamond. Documentary on 1988 plebiscite in Chile, filmed under the eye of police & secret service.

"Avenue of the Americas" [1975], dir. ?, 82m. From Cinema Guild. Examines U.S. government complicity in the 1973 military coup which overthrew Allende's Popular Unity government.

"Chile: By Reason or by Force" [1983], dir. D. Meyer & H. Solberg, 60m. From Cinema Guild. Portrays 9/83 nationwide protest on tenth anniversary of Pinochet coup.

"Dance of Hope" [1989], dir. Deborah Shaffer, 75m. From First Run/Icarus. Examines key issues of human rights & social policy under Pinochet through intimate portraits of eight women.

"Don't Threaten Me" [1990], dir. Juan Andrés Racs, 52m. Documentary on unravelling of dictatorship & transition to democracy in 1988-90.

"Holy Father & Gloria" [1987], dir. Estela Bravo, 43m. From Cinema Guild. Pope John Paul II's visit to Chile in 1987.

"Missing" [1981], dir. Costa-Gavras.

"Returning to Chile" [1986], dir. Estela bravo, 28m. From Cinema Guild. Problems of identity & adjustment in children returning with parents after years in exile.

"Scraps of Life" [1992], dir. Gayla Jamison, 28m. From Filmakers' Library. Story of arpilleras.

"Sweet Country" [1986], dir. Juan Andrés Racs, 57m. From First Run/Icarus. Economic policy & everyday life under Pinochet.

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