Costs of War

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Our goal is to put together a table of estimated losses of life & limb in all armed conflicts around the world, year by year since the end of World War II.

We're also computing the estimated cost to American taxpayers year by year, of military buildup since World War II. The total is staggering, & goes a long way towards explaining the chronic scarcity of funds for health, education & welfare. But it is hard to tease out of government figures.

For the time being, on losses accruing from the present Iraq conflict alone, see:

For US/Coalition losses since 3/03):

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count.

For Iraqi civilian losses since 3/03:

Iraq Body Count.

For the tremendous pricetag:

Cost of the War in Iraq.

War Resisters League Piechart (Where Your Tax Money Really Goes).

For a European perspective:

Financial Costs of War.



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