Doug Rand Peace Park
City of Santa Cruz

Request for materials to incorporate in a proposed "Wall of Consequence"


In 1995, artist E. A. Chase donated his sculpture, "Collateral Damage" for casting & placement in the City of Santa Cruz. With the help of volunteers it was permanently installed in the small park housing the Town Clock downtown.

Doug Rand was instrumental in placing the monument. A dedicated community activist, Doug worked effectively for world peace, justice, & the environment throughout his life. In 2000, Doug's untimely death occurred prior to the completion of his vision for the site. Citizens then joined in a request to the City Council to name the park in honor of Doug's lifelong work. The Doug Rand Peace Park will represent the completion of this project.

Description of the Park

The completed park will consist in a number of components. The Town Clock & Collateral Damage sculpture are existing features. An open space between them facilitates the gathering of people for vigils, rallies & discussions of peace, justice, & environmental issues. Newly placed natural boulders will provide seating & enhance the design. Native landscaping connects the different components & brings the natural world into the park. The proposed interpretive "Wall of Consequence" will enhance the idea that war affects & hurts everyone, including the innocent.

Wall of Consequence

The wall, composed of fragments from war ruins around the world, was conceived during the site-planning for the erection of the monument in 1995. The intention is to remind people that the most tragic consequences of wars are the suffering of the innocent & the destruction of the infrastructure of civilizations. To bring it about, the Doug Rand Peace Park Committee is collecting materials that exemplify the destruction of civilian targets in times of war. We seek the involvement of your community in this project.

The materials we seek should be: 1) identifiable as to place of origin, & to the date & event of destruction; 2) composed of materials suitable for permanent outdoor siting; 3) no larger than two cubic yards (1.9 cubic meters); & 4) eloquent as examples of the suffering of the innocent or the destruction of cultural icons. Larger pieces will be considered depending on available space, historic significance, & feasibility of installation.

Location and Dedication of Materials

Donated materials will be incorporated into the "Wall of Consequence" at the east end of the Doug Rand Peace Park. Each submission will be identified by a small bronze plaque, naming the country, location, date of destruction, & other pertinent information. A large bronze plaque explaining the wall concept will be placed at the entrance to the site.

The "Wall of Consequence" is an interpretive art project designed to encourage learning & reflection. The shell enclosing the "debris" gathered from around the war-torn world will be designed to enhance its contents.

Doug Rand Peace Park Committee
P. O. Box 487
Santa Cruz, CA 95061
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