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Volunteer Service Overseas

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Action Without Borders.

American Friends Service Committee.

American Jewish World Service.

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service.

Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Green Volunteers.

Jesuit Volunteers.

Lutheran Volunteer Corps.

Mennonite Central Committee (domestic as well as international programs).

Mennonite Voluntary Service.

Public Allies.

Peace Corps.

Volunteer Overseas (regularly updated website for the invaluable book How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overses, listed below).

UN Volunteers Program.

United Planet.

World Volunteers.

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ashabranner, Brent K. A Moment in History: The First Ten Years of the Peace Corps (NY: Doubleday, 1971).

Banerjee, Dillon. So, You Want to Join the Peace Corps: What to Know Before You Go (Berkeley: Ten Speed, 2000).

Benjamin, Medea. The Peace Corps & More: 114 Ways to Work, Study & Travel in the Third World (San Francisco: Seven Locks, 1991).

Blaustein, Arthur. Make a Difference: America’s Guide to Volunteering & Community Service (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2003).

Bloch, Judith. Diary of a Peace Corps Volunteer: Nigeria, 1966-1967 (?: Miracle, 1985).

Brooks, Rhoda & Earle Brooks. The Barrios of Manta: A Personal Account of the Peace Corps in Ecuador (NY, 1965).

Collins, Joseph; Stefano DeZerega & Zahara Heckscher. How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas (NY: Penguin, 2002). Excellent, up-to-date, comprehensive review of opportunities for short, medium & long-term service in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East & Eastern Europe, with tips on how to engage in it safely.

Cowan, Paul. The Making of an Un-American: A Dialogue with Experience (NY: Viking, 1970).

Danaher, Kevin. Beyond Safaris: A Guide to Building People-to-People Ties with Africa (Trenton NJ: Africa World, 1991).

Evans, Sarah M. (ed). Journeys that Opened Up the World: Women, Student Christian Movements, & Social Justice, 1955-1975 (Piscataway NY: Rutgers, 2003).

Everett, Melissa. Interviews with North Americans Living & Working in Nicaragua (Philadelphia: New Society, 1986).

Fischer, Fritz. Making Them Like Us: Peace Corps Volunteers in the 1960s (Washington: Smithsonian, 2000).

Hoffman, Elizabeth Cobbs. All You Need is Love: The Peace Corps & the Spirit of the 1960s (Cambridge MA, 1998).

Isaacs, Harold R. Emergent Americans: A Report on "Crossroads Africa" (NY: John Day, 1961).

Lowenthal, Phil; Stephanie Tarnoff & Lisa David (eds.) Alternatives to the Peace Corps: A Discovery of Third World & US Volunteer Opportunities (7th ed.; San Francisco: Food First, 1996).

Thomsen, Moritz. Living Poor: A Peace Corps Chronicle (NY, 1969).

__________. The Farm on the River of Emeralds (NY, 1978).

Schwimmer, Brian E. & D. Michael Warren (eds.) Anthropology & the Peace Corps: Case Studies in Career Preparation (Ames: Iowa State U, 1993).

Windmiller, Marshall. The Peace Corps & the Pax Americana (Washington, 1970).

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