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Radical Teacher. Socialist, feminist & anti-racist journal on theory & practice of teaching.

Teachers Without Borders.

In the Library: Articles

Kleeh-Tolley, Karen. "Challenging a world taken for granted: reflections on teaching about social inequality," Radical History Review 69 (fall 97):211-25.

Nouwen, Henri J.M. "Teachers & students," in his Reaching Out (NY, 1975), pp. 84-90.

Rappaport, Bruce M. "People's pedagogy: towards a Marxist theory & practice of teaching," Crime & Social Justice 2 (fall-win 174)):75-80.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Gullette, Margaret M. The Art & Craft of Teaching (Cambridge MA: Harvard, 1984).

Louv, Richard. Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Syndrome (Chapel Hill: Algonquin, 2005).

Nash, Gary B.; Cahrlotte Crabtree & Ross E. Dunn. Culture Wars & the Teaching of the Past (NY, 1997).

Postman, Neil & Charles Weingartner. Teaching as a Subversive Activity (NY, 1969).

Stearns, Peter. Meaning Over Memory: Recasting the Teaching of Culture & History (Chapel Hill: U. of North Carolina, 1993).

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"Mad Hot Ballroom" [2005], dir. Marilyn Agrelo, 105m. In video stores. Wonderful documentary on kids & teachers in citywide ballroom dancing competition for fifth graders.

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