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Coal Mining

(see also Strip Mining & Trade Unionism)

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On the Web: Specialized Sites

Coal Mining in the Gilded Age & Progressive Era.

Kentucky Coal Facts.

Mines & Communities.

National Coal Mining Museum (UK).

United Mine Workers of America.

US Dept. of Energy Coal Home Page.

West Virginia Coal Mining.

In the Library: Articles

Boyer, Peter J. "Rescue at Quecreek," New Yorker (11/18/02):57-73. 2002 Pennsylvania mining accident & its consequences.

Kwik, Phil. "Pittston: class war in the coalfields," Against the Current (1-2/1990):7-9.

St. Clair, Jeffrey. "What a miner's life is worth," CounterPunch (12/16/05).

Yates, Michael D. "From the coal wars to the Pittston strike," Monthly Review 42,2 (6/90):25-39.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Alinsky, Saul D. John L. Lewis: An Unauthorized Biography (NY: Putnam, 1949).

Arble, Meade. The Long Tunnel: A Coal Miner's Journal (NY: Atheneum, 1976).

Aurand, Harold W. From the Molly Maguires to the United Mine Workers: The Social Ecology of an Industrial Union, 1869-1897 (Philadelphia: Tenmple, 1971).

Benson, John. British Coal Miners in the 19th C.: A Social History (NY: Holmes & Meier, 1980).

Bowen, Lynne. Boss Whistle: The Coal Miners of Vancouver Island Remember (Lantzville BC: Oolichan, 1982).

Brown, Edwin L. & Colin A. Davis (eds.) It is Union & Liberty: Alabama Coal Miners & the UMW (Tuscaloosa: U. of Alabama, 1999).

Cohn, Samuel. When Strikes Make Sense -- & Why: Lessons from the Third Republic French Coal Miners (NY: Plenum, 1993).

Cook, Samuel R. Monacans & Miners: Native American & Coal Mining Communities in Appalachia (Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 2000).

Corbin, David W. Life, Work & Rebellion in the Coal Fields: The Southern West Virginia Miners, 1880-1922 (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 1981).

Dubovsky, Melvyn & Warren Van Tine. John L. Lewis: A Biography (NY: Quadrangle, 1977).

Felhaber, Elmer. The Coal Miners & You (NY: New Century, 1950).

Fishback, Price V. Soft Coal, Hard Choices: The Economic Welfare of Bituminous Coal Miners, 1890-1930 (NY: Oxford, 1992).

Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley. Coal Miners & the War (NY: Workers Library, 1942).

Giesen, Carol A.B. Coal Miners' Wives: Portraits of Endurance (Lexington: U. of Kentuck, 1995).

Hall, Tony. King Coal: Miners, Coal & Britain's Industrial Future (NY: Penguin, 1981).

Harvey, Katherine A. The Best-Dressed Miners: Life & Labor in the Maryland Coal Region, 1835-1910 (Ithaca: Cornell, 1969).

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Lewis, Ronald L. Black Coal Miners in America: Race, Class & Community Conflict, 1780-1980 (Lexington: U. of Kentucky, 1987).

McDonald, David J. & Edward A. Lynch. Coal & Unionism: A History of the American Coal Miners' Unions (Silver Springs MD: Cornelius, 1939).

Mellor, John. The Company Store: James Bryson Maclachlan & the Cape Breton Coal Miners, 1900-1925 (NY: Doubleday,1983).

Montrie, Chad. To Save the Land & People: A History of Opposition to Surface Coal Mining in Appalachia (Chapel Hill: U. of North Carolina, 2003).

Nash, Michael. Conflict & Accommodation: Coal Miners, Steelworkers & Socialism, 1890-1920 (Westport CT: Greenwood, 1982).

Norris, Randall & Jean-Philippe Cypre. Women of Coal (Lexington: U. of Kentucky, 1996).

Nyden, Paul. Black Coal Miners in the US (NY: American Institute for Marxist Studies, 1974).

Page, Myra. Daughter of the Hills: A Woman's Part in the Coal Miners' Struggle [1950] (NY: Persea, 1977).

Pollitt, Harry.Coal: What the Government, the Public & the Miners Can Do to Meet the Needs (London: Communist Party, 1943).

Roberts, Ron E. John L. Lewis: Hard Labor & Wild Justice (Dubuque IA: Kendall/Hunt, 1994).

Russell, J.E. It's a Miner's Life!: A Social History of the Drumheller Valley Coal Miners (East Coulee, Alberta: Atlas Coal Mine Historical Society, 1995).

Seltzer, Curtis. Fire in the Hole: Miners & Managers in the American Coal Industry (Lexington: U. of Kentucky, 1985).

Smith, Barbara Ellen. Digging Our Own Graves: Coal Miners & the Struggle over Black Lung Disease (Philadelphia: Temple, 1987).

Smock, David R. Conflict & Control in an African Trade Union: A Study of the Nigerial Coal Miners' Union (Stanford: Hoover Institution, 2969).

Takamiya, Makoto. Union Organization & Militancy: Conclusions from a Study of the United Mine Workers, 1940-1974 (Massenheim am Glan: Hain, 1978).

Tallichet, Suzanne E. Daughters of the Mountain: Women Coal Miners in Central Appalachia (University Park PA: Penn State U., 2006).

US Public Health Service. Anthraco-Silicosis among Hard-Coal Miners (Washington: GPO, 1936).

Winterton, Jonathan & Ruth Winterton. Coal, Crisis & Conflict: The 1984-85 Miners' Strike in Yorkshire (Manchester: Manchester U., 1989).

In the Library: Fiction

DeLancey, Kiki. Coal Miner's Holiday: Stories (Louisville KY: Sarabande, 2002).

Gallie, Menna. The Small Mine (Dinas Powys: Honno, 2000). Wales.

Giardina, Denise. Storming Heaven: A Novel (NY: Norton, 1987). Battle of Blair Mountain, West Virginia, in 1921.

__________. The Unquiet Earth: A Novel (NY: Norton, 1992).

Lee, Howard B. Bloodletting in Appalachia: The Story of West ;Virginia's Mine Wars & Other Thrilling Incidents of its Coal Fields (Morgantown: West Virginia U., 1969).

Llewellyn, Richard. How Green Was My Valley (NY, 1940). Coal mining, social class & nature in Wales.

Savage, Lon. Thunder in the Mountains: The West Virginia Mine War, 1920-21 (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1990).

Sigal, Clancy. Weekend in Dinlock (London: Secker & Warburg, 1960).

Sinclair, Upton. King Coal: A Novel (NY: Macmillan, 1917).

__________. The Coal War: A Sequel to "King Coal" (Boulder: Colorado Associated University, 1976). Colorado coal strike of 1913-14.

Warren, Robert Penn. The Cave (NY: Random House, 1959).

Wolk, Lauren. Those Who Favor Fire: A Novel (NY: Random House, 1998). Mines & environmental destruction in Pennsylvania.

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

Dotter, Earl. In Mine & Mill: A Photographic Portfolio of Coal Miners & Textile Workers (NY: Pilgrim, 1979).

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Between a Rock & a Hard Place" [1981], dir. Kenneth Fink, 60m. Documentary on West Virginia miners' working lives, with footage from 40s & 50s.

"Billy Elliott" [2000], dir. Stephen Daldry, 111m. In video stores.

"Black Fury" [1935], dir. Michael Curtiz, 95m.

"Brassed Off" [1996], dir. Mark Herman, 97m. In video stores.

"The Buffalo Creek Flood: An Act of Man" [1975], dir. Mimi Pickering, 140m.

"Buffalo Creek Revisited" [1985], dir. Mimi Pickering, 31m.

"Clincho: Story of a Mining Town" [1982], dir. Susan Baker, 30m.

"Coal Bucket Outlaw" [2002?], dir. Tom Hansell, 27m. From Appalshop Films.

"Coal Mining Women" [1982], dir. Elizabeth Barret, 40m.

"Germinal" [1993], dir. Claude Berri & Arlette Langmann, 158m. In video stores. 19th-c. French coal miners' strike, based on novel by Emile Zola.

"Harlan County USA" [1976], dir. Barbara Kopple, 103m. From First Run Features.

"How Green Was My Valley" [1941], dir. John Ford, ?m. In video stores.

"Justice in the Coalfields" [1995], dir. Anne Lewis, 57m. Documentary on UMWA strike against Pittston Coal.

"Matewan" [1987], dir. John Sayles, 142m. In video stores.

"The Molly Maguires" [1970], dir. Martin Ritt, 124m. In video stores.

"October Sky" [1999], dir. Joe Johnston, 153m. In video stores.

"Stripmining in Appalachia" [1973], dir. Gene Dubey, 25m.

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