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AFL-CIO Abroad

(see also Trade Unionism, American Empire, US & Latin America, Global Trade Unionism)

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On the Web: Articles

Are Secret Activities Being Conducted by AFL-CIO's International Affairs Department? Harry Kelber, Labor Educator (5/21/03).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

American Center for International Labor Solidarity (successor agency to the CIA-linked American Institute for Free Labor Development, est.1997).

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

International Labour Organization.

Organización Interamericana Regional de Trabajo (ORIT).

In the Library: Articles

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Shorrock, Tim. "Labor's cold war," Nation (5/19/03):15-22. Good introduction to this subject.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Andrews, Gregg. Shoulder to Shoulder?: The American Federation of Labor, the US & the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1924 (Berkeley: U. of California, 1991).

Armstrong, Robert & Others. Working Against US:The American Institute for Free Labor Development & the International Policy of the AFL-CIO (NY: NACLA, 1990).

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Scott, Jack. Yankee Unions, Go Home!: How the AFL Helped the US Build an Empire in Latin America (Vancouver: New Star, 1978).

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