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Broder, David. "A women with influence," San Jose Mercury News (10/1/03): 7B.

Newfield, Jack. “The right’s judicial juggernaut,” Progressive (10/7/02):11-16.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Foley, Michael A. Arbitrary & Capricious: The Supreme Court, the Constitution & the Death Penalty (Westport CT: Praeger, 2003).

Irons, Peter. A People's History of the Supreme Court (NY: Viking, 1999).

Lazare, Daniel. The Velvet Coup: The Constitution, the Supreme Court, & the Decline of American Democracy (NY: Verso, 2001).

Noonan, John T. Jr. Narrowing the Nation's Power: The Supreme Court Sides with the States (Berkeley: U. California, 2002).

Raskin, Jamin B. Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court & the American People (NY: Routledge, 2003).

Rosen, Jeffrey. The Most Democratic Branch: How the Courts Serve America (NY: Oxford, 2006).

Shaw, Stephen K, William D. Pederson & Frank J. Shaw (eds). Franklin D. Roosevelt & the Transformation of the Supreme Court (Armonk, NY: ME Sharpe, 2003).

Schwartz, Herman (ed.) The Rehnquist Court: Judicial Activism on the Right (NY: Hill & Wang, 2003).

Sunstein, Cass. Why Societies Need Dissent (Cambridge, MA: Harvard, 2003).

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