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On the Web: Articles

Religious Tensions Test India's Democracy. Daniel Sneider, San Jose Mercury News (8/3/03).

The New McCarthyism. Praful Bidwai, Hindustan Times (5/2/03). Expatriates predominate among funders & writers of vituperative e-mails.

History as Politics. Romila Thapar, Outlook India (5/1/03). Defense of secularism by distinguished historian of ancient India, now much-reviled by Hundutva activists.

Two Kinds of Hindutva. Vir Sanghvi, Hindustan Times (12/27/02).

India at the Mercy of Hindu Nationalism. Daphnée Dion-Viens, Alternatives (7/1/02).

The Foreign Exchange of Hate: IDRF & the American Funding of Hindutva. Sabrang Communications (2002).

The Danger of Hindutva to Secular India. S.R. Welch, Secular Web (n.d. 2001).

Hindutva & Multiculturalism. C.P. Bhambri, The Hindu (12/6/98).

Minority Baiting. V. Suresh, The Hindu (6/12/98).

Hindu Revivalism & the Hindutva Movement. Tapio Tamminen, Temenos 32 (1996): 221-38.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

An Anti-Indian Nationalist Ideology (Gandhian & secularist critique of Hindutva).

BJP Philosophy: Hindutva (Cultural Nationalism).

Hindutva (Hindustani nationalist perspective on history, culture & Hindu-Muslim relations).

Hindutva: The Brahman Conspiracy (Dalit viewpoint).

Sabrang Communications. South Asian Network for Secularism & Democracy (Vancouver BC).

In the Library: Articles

Anon (Wire Services). “Indian Christians decry Hindu nationalist violence,” National Catholic Reporter (12/18/98):5.

Biswas, Shampa. "To be modern, but in the 'Indian' way," in Tétreaulx & Denemark (eds.) Gods, Guns & Globalization (Boulder: Lynn Rienner, 2004).

Baldauf, Scott. “Riot victims seek justice in India,” Christian Science Monitor (9/15/03):6

________. "Missionaries tread warily in India," Christian Science Monitor (9/19/03):6

Braeckman, Colette. "The pilates of Rawanda," New Left Review (6-5/01).

Buruma, Ian. "India: the perils of democracy," in Silvers & Epstein (eds.) India: A Mosaic (NY, 2000), pp. 3-32.

Gupta, Charu & Mukul Sharma. "India, the press & the rise of the Hindu Right," Race & Class (7/96).

Harrison, Selig S. "Hindu society & the State: the Indian Union," in Kalman Silvert (ed.) Expectant Peoples: Nationalism & Development (NY: Vintage, 1967), pp. 267-99. Useful background on development of movement in independent India.

Munson, Henry Jr. "The ideologization of religion in response to Western domination: the cases of Hinduism, Islam & Theravada Buddhism," in R. Mathee & B. Baron (eds.) Iran & Beyond (Costa Meza CA: Mazda, 2000).

Nanda, Meera. "Facade of tolerance torn down," In These Times (1/35/93). Secularism that made Indian democracy viable losing ground to "an aggressive, humorless & xenophobic nationalism."

Pal, Amitabh. "Bush ignores India's pogrom," Progressive (7/03). Gujerat massacres.

Parajuli, Pramod. "Rethinking ethnicity: developmentalist hegemonies & emergent identitities in India," Identitities 3 (8/96).

Pasha, Mustapha Kamal. "Modernity, civil society, & religious resurgence in South Asia," in Tétreaulx & Denemark (eds.) Gods, Guns & Globalization (Boulder: Lynn Rienner, 2004).

Roy, Arundhati. "Fascism's firm footprint in India," Nation (9/30/02):16-18.

Vanaik, Achin. "Soldiers of Hindutva," New Left Review (5-6/01).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Andersen, Walter K. & Shridar D. Damle. The Brotherhood in Saffron: The Rashtriya Sayamsevak Sangh & Hindu Revivalism (Boulder: Westview, 1987).

Assayag, Jackie (ed.) The Resources of History: Tradition, Narration & Nation in South Asia (Paris: Ecole Français d'Extreme-Orient, 1999).

Banerjee, Partha. In the Belly of the Beast: The Hindu Supremacist RSS & BJP of India. An Insider's Story (Delhi: Ajanta International, 1998).

Basu, Tapan. Khaki Shorts & Saffron Flags: A Critique of the Hindu Right (New Delhi: Orient Longman, 1993).

Bhatt, Chetan. Liberation & Purity: Race, New Religious Movements, & the Ethics of Postmodernity (Bristol PA: UCL, 1997).

__________. Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies & Modern Myths (NY: Berg, 2001).

Bonner, Arthur. Averting the Apocalypse: Social Movements in India Today (Durham NC: Duke, 1991).

Chatterjee, Abhas. The Concept of Hindu Nation (New Delhi: Voice of India, 1995).

Cossman, Brenda & Ratna Kapur. Secularism's Last Sigh?: Hindutva & the (Mis) Rule of Law (NY: Oxford, 1999).

Elst, Koenraad. The Saffron Swastika: The Notion of "Hindu Fascism" (New Delhi: Voice of India, 2001).

Frawley, David (Vamadeva Shastri). Awaken Bharata: A Call for India's Rebirth (New Delhi: Voice of India, 1998).

Graham, Bruce Desmond. Hindu Nationalism & Indian Politics: The Origins & Development of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh (NY: Cambridge, 1990).

Gupta, Charu. Sexuality, Obscenity, Community: Women, Muslims & the Hindu Public in Colonial India (NY: Palgrave, 2002).

Hansen, Thomas Blom. The Saffron Wave: Democracy & Hindu Nationalism in Modern India (Princeton: Princeton U, 1999).

Jaffrelot, Christophe. The Hindu Nationalist Movement & in India (NY: Columbia, 1996).

Jayaprasad, K. RSS & Hindu Nationalism: Inroads in a Leftist Stronghold (New Delhi: Deep & Deep, 1981).

Juergensmeyer, Mark. The New Cold War? Religious Nationalism Confronts the Secular State (Berkeley: U. California, 1993).

__________. Terror in the Mind of God. The Global Rise of Religious Violence (Berkeley, 2000).

Kirk, Robin. More Terrible Than Death: Massacres, Drugs & America’s War in Colombia (NY: PublicAffairs, 2003).

Marty, Martin E. & R.S. Appleby (eds.) Fundamentalisms & the State: Remaking Politics, Economies, & Militance (Chicago: U. Chicago, 1993).

McKean, Lise. Divine Enterprise: Gurus & the Hindu Nationalist Movement (Chicago: U. Chicago, 1996).

Noorani, Abdul Gafoor Abdul Majeed. The RSS & the BJP: A Division of Labour (New Delhi: LeftWord, 2000).

Pal, Amitabh. “Bush ignores India’s pogrom,” Progressive (7/03):28-31.

Pandey, Gyanendra. Remembering Partition: Violence, Nationalism & History in India (NY: Cambridge, 2001).

Pattanaik, D.D. Hindu Nationalism in India (New Delhi: Deep & Deep, 1998).

Prashad, Vijay. Namaste Sharon: Hindutva & Sharonism under US Hegemony (New Delhi: LeftWord, 2003).

Rajshekar Shetty, V.T. How Marx Failed in Hindu India (2nd ed.; Bangalore: Dalit Sahikya Akademy, 1988).

Ram, P.R. Fascism of Sangh Parivar (2nd ed.; Mumbai: EKTA, 1999).

Robinson, Catherine A. Tradition & Liberation: The Hindu Tradition in the Indian Women's Movement (NY: St. Martin's, 1999).

Roy, Arundhati. “Fascism’s firm foot print in India,” Nation (9/30/02):16-20.

Sarkar, Sumit. Beyond Nationalist Frames: Postmodernism, Hindu Fundamentalism, History (Bloomington: Indiana U, 2002).

Sarkar, Tanika & Urvashi Butalia (eds.) Women & the Hindu Right: A Collection of Essays (New Delhi: Kali for Women, 1995).

__________. Hindu Wife, Hindu Nation: Community, Religion & Cultural Nationalism (Bloomington: Indiana U, 2001).

Shiva, Vandana. India Divided: Diversity & Democracy Under Attack (NY: Seven Stories, 2005).

Srivastava, Suchil. The Disputed Mosque: A Historical Inquiry (New Delhi: Vistaar, 1991).

van der Veer, Peter. Religious Nationalism: Hindu & Muslim in India (Berkeley: U. California, 1994).

__________. Gods on Earth: Religious Experience & Identity in Ayodhya (Delhi: Oxford, 1997).

Zavos, John. The Emergence of Hindu Nationalism in India (Delhi: Oxford, 2000).

In the Library: Fiction

Tharoor, Shashi. Riot (NY: Arcade, 2001). Vivid portrayal of Hindu nationalist, Muslim & secularist attitudes in the current conflict.

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Final Solution: A Study in the Politics of Hate" [2003], dir. Rakesh Sharma, 141m. In response to burning on a train of 58 Hindus in February, 2003, 2,500 Gujerati Muslims killed within five months, & some 200,000 left homeless.

"Fire" [1996] , dir. Deepa Mehta, 108m. In video stores. Tender exploration of budding lesbian love between women of same household caught in oppressive marriages. "Controversy" segment among DVD extras is disturbing report on Hindu nationalist (Shiv Sena) responses to it.

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