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Colombian American History, Life & Values

(see also Latino American History, Life & Values)

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Association of Colombian Americans (ACOAM).

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Anon. Constructing the New York Area Hispanic Mosaic: A Demographic Portrait of Colombians & Dominicans in New York (Claremont CA: Tomás Rivera Policy Institute, 1997).

Castro Caycedo, Germán. El hueco: la entrada ilegal de colombianos a Estados Unidos por México, Bahamas y Haití (Bogotá: Planeta, 1989).

García Castro, Mary. "Mary" & "Eve"'s Social Reproduction in the "Big Apple": Colombian Voices (NY: NYU, 1982).

Redden, Charlotte Ann. A Comparative Study of Colombian & Costa Rican Emigrants to the United States (NY: Arno, 1980).

Urrea Giraldo, Fernando. Life Strategies & the Labor Market: Colombians in NY in the 1970s (NY: NYU, 1982).

In the Library: Fiction

Manrique, Jaime. Latin Moon in Manhattan: A Novel (Madison: U. Wisconsin, 2003).

__________. Twilight at the Equator: A Novel (Madison: U. Wisconsin, 2003).

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"Maria Full of Grace (Maria, llena eres de gracia)" [2004], dir. Joshua Marston, 101m. In video stores. Motivations & tribulations of "mulas" who transport heroine individually to US.

"La nave de los sueños" [1996], dir. Ciro Durán, ?m. Stowaways on ship bound for New York confront problems of conscience when one suffers serious accident.

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