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World Health Crises: Tuberculosis

(see also World Health Crises)

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Questions & Answers About TB (Centers for Disease Control, Tuberculosis Elimination Division).

Tuberculosis (American Lung Association).

Tuberculosis (US Department of Labor).

Tuberculosis Strategy & Operations, Monitoring & Evaluation (World Health Organization).

In the Library: Articles

Chalke, H.D. "The impact of TB on history, literature & art," Medical History 6 (1962): 301-.

Platt, Anne E. "Why don't we top TB?" World Watch 7,4 (7-8/94):31-34.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Cummins, S. Lyle. Tuberculosis in History, from the 17th C. to Our Own Times (London, 1949). Biographical sketches of leading figures in the struggle against it.

Dubos, René & Jean. The White Plague: Tuberculosis, Man & Society (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 1987).

Feldberg, Georgina D. Disease & Class: Tuberculosis & the Shaping of Modern North American Society (New Brunswick NJ: rutgers, 1995).

Reichman, Lee B. Timebomb: The Global Epidemic of Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (?: McGraw-Hill, 2002).

Smith, F.B. The Retreat of Tuberculosis, 1850-1950 (NY, 1988).

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