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World Health Crises: Plague

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Plague, spread by a flea living on rats, was the most devastating epidemic of pre-modern times, killing many millions in each of three pandemic episodes (mid-6th c., mid-14thc. & late 19th c.) -- most unforgettably in the well-documented "Black Death" of 1347-50, said to have reduced the population of Western Europe by one third. Frequent more localized outbursts include the much-studied London episode of 1665. The danger of plague's recurrence on a wide scale today is greatly reduced by modern sanitary procedures; but the disease is nevertheless still with us, & it is worth studying closely, as a case study in the evolution of public health policies, & in the social psychology of mass catastrophe.

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Plague (scientific description).

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CDC Plague Home Page.

The Black Plague, 1348-1350.

In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Fiction

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"Il Decameron" [1971], dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini, 112m. In video stores.

"The Plague (La peste)" [1992], dir. Luis Puenzo, 148m. In video stores.

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