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HIV/AIDS in Asia

(see also World Health Crises: HIVAIDS, HIV/AIDS in Africa, HIV/AIDS in Latin America, & HIV/AIDS in US)

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Bloom, David E. & Peter Godwin. The Economics of HIV & AIDS: The Case of South & Southeast Asia (NY: Oxford, 1997).

Dube, Siddharth. Sex, Lies, & AIDS (New Delhi: Harper Collins, 2000).

Godwin, Peter. The Looming Epidemic: The Impact of HIV & AIDS in India (London: Hurst, 1998).

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Hunter, susan. AIDS in Asia: Continent in Peril (NY: Palgrave, 2005).

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Tan, Michael L. Shattering the Myths: A Primer on HIV, AIDS & the Filipino (Pasig City: Anvil, 1997).

Williams, Christopher. AIDS in Post-Communist Russia & Its Successor States (Brookfield VT: Avebury, 1995).

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