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American Forest Foundation.

American Forests Magazine.

Global Releaf.

Resources for the Future.

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Akiyama, Tomohide. A Forest Again: Lessons from the Ashio Copper Mine & Reforestation Operations (Tokyo: Food & Agricultural Policy Research Center, 1992).

Gradwohl, Judith & Russell Greenberg. Saving the Tropical Forests (Washington: Island, 1988).

Hammer, Turi. Reforestation & Community Development in Sudan (Bergen:Chr. Michelson U., 1982).

Hartwig C., Fernando. La tierra que recuperamos (Santiago de Chile: Los Andes, 1994).

Mills, Stephanie. In Service of the Wild: Restoring & Reinhabiting Damaged Land (Boston: Beacon, 1995).

Moore, Patrick. Pacific Spirit: The Forest Reborn (West Vancouver BC: Terra Bella, 1995).

Nanda, Neeru. Forests for Whom? Destruction & Restoration in the U.P. Himalayas (New Delhi: Har-Anand, 1999).

Postel, Sandra. Reforesting the Earth (Washington: Worldwatch Institute, 1988).

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"Trees of Plenty" [1986], dir. Neil McKee, 20m. From International Development Research Center (Ottawa).

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