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Herbicide Poisoning

(see also Agent Orange)

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On the Web: Articles

Salt of the Earth: The US War on Drugs as Ecoterrorism. Juan D. Hidalgo (12/14/02).

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Rachel's Environment & Health News.

Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

In the Library: Articles

Dando, Malcolm; Paul Rogers & S. Whitby. "Biological warfare against crops," Scientific American 280, 6 (6/99): 70-75.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Griffiths, Philip Jones. Agent Orange: "Collateral Damage" in Vietnam (London: Trolley, 2003).

Linedecker, Clifford L. with Michael & Maureen Ryan. Kerry, Agent Orange, & an American Family (NY: Dell, 1983).

Madely, John. Paraquat: Syngenta's Controversial Herbicide: A Report (Zurich: Berne Declaration, 2000).

Peoples, S.A.; Keith T. Maddy & Lucinda C. Riddle. Human Health Problems Associated with the Herbicide Paraquat in California, 1965-1976 (Sacramento: Dept. of Food & Agriculture, 1977).

Scott, Wilbur J. Vietnam Veterans Since the War: The Politics of PSTD, Agent Orange, & the National Memorial (Norman: U. of Oklahoma, 2004).

Taylor, Richard; Kato Tama & Greg Goldstein. Paraquat Poisoning in Pacific Island Countries, 1975-1985 (Noumea, New Caledonia: South Pacific Commission, 1986).

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