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(see also Environmental Defense & Environmental Destruction)

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Abraham, John; Colin Lacey & Roy Williams. Deception, Demonstration & Debate: Toward a Critical Environment & Development Education (London: WWF Kogan Page, 1990).

Bowers, C.A. Education, Cultural Myths, & the Ecological Crisis: Toward Deep Changes (Albany: SUNY, 1993).

__________. The Culture of Denial: Why the Environmental Movement Needs a Strategy for Reforming Universities & Public Schools (Albany: SUNY, 1997).

__________. Educating for Eco-Justice & Community (Athens: U. of Georgia, 2001).

__________. Mindful Conservatism: Rethinking the Educational & Ideological Basis of an Ecologically Sustainable Future (Lanham MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2003).

Chhokar, Kiran B.; Mamata Pandya & Meena Raghunathan (eds.) Understanding Environment (New Delhi: Sage, 2004).

Dobrin, Sidney I & Christian R. Weisser. Natural Discourse: Toward Ecocomposition (Albany: SUNY, 2002).

Duncanson, Archie. Ecology Begins at Home: Using the Power of Choice (Stockholm: Forfattares Bokmaskin, 1991).

Germain, Charel B. Human Behavior in the Social Environment: An Ecological View (NY: Columbia, 1991).

Gibson, William E. (ed.) Eco-Justice: The Unfinished Journey (Albany: SUNY, 2004).

Grant, Tim & Gail Littlejohn. Teaching Green: The Middle Years. Hands-On Learning in Grades 6-8 (Gabriola Island BC: New Society, 2004).

Hammond, Merryl & Rob Collins. One World, One Earth: Educating Children for Social Responsibility (Gabriola Island BC: New Society, 1993).

Hart, Roger. Children's Participation: The Theory & Practice of Involving Young Citizens in Community Development & Environmental Care (London: Earthscan, 1997).

Louv, Richard. Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Syndrome (Chapel Hill: Algonquin, 2005).

Metzger, Mary & Cinthya P. Whittaker. This Planet is Mine: Teaching Environmental Awareness & Appreciation to Children (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1991).

Palmer, Joy A. Environmental Education in the 21st Century: Theory, Practice, Progress & Promise (NY: Routledge, 1998).

Schwartz, Linda. Earth Book for Kids: Activities to Help Heal the Environment (Santa Barbara CA: Learning Works, 1990).

Smith, Gregory A. Education & the Environment: Learning to Live with Limits (Albany: SUNY, 1992).

_________ & Dilafruz R. Williams (eds.) Ecological Education in Action: On Weaving Education, Culture, & the Environment (Albany NY: SUNY, 1999).

Wilson, Ruth A. (ed.) Environmental Education at the Early Childhood Level (Troy OH: North American Association for Environmental Education, 1997).

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