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Land Reform

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Landless Voices (U. of Nottingham).

Land Research Action Network.

Land Tenure Center (Philippines).

Land Tenure Center (U. of Wisconsin).

Via Campesina.

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Cleary, Mark & Peter Eaton. Tradition & Reform: Land Tenure & Rural Development in Southeast Asia (NY: Oxford, 1996).

Dooley, Terence. 'The Land for the People': The Land Question in Independent Ireland (Dublin: U. College Dublin, 2004).

Dunkley, Godfrey. That All May Live: Guidelines Toward a Better Society (Roosevelt Park: A. Whyte, 1990).

Gilbert, Jess & Alice O'Connor. Leaving the Land Behind: Struggles for Land Reform in US Fedeeral Policy, 1933-1965 (Madison: U. of Wisconsin Land Tenure Center, 1996).

Kibble, Steve & Paul Vanlerberghe. Land, Power & Poverty: Farm Workers & the Crisis in Zimbabwe (London: Catholic Institute for International Relations, 2000).

Lapp, Nancy D. Landing Votes: Representation & Land Reform in Latin America (NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004).

Randall, Laura (ed.) Reforming Mexico's Agrarian Reform (Armonk NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1996).

Werner, Wolfgang. Land Reform & Poverty Alleviation: Experiences from Namibia (Windhoek: Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit, 2003).

Wisborg, Poul & Rick Rohde. Contested Land Tenure Reform in South Africa: The Namaqualand Experience (Bellville SA: Programme for Land & Agrarian Studies, 2004).

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