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Global Governance

(see also Global Citizenship, Anti-Globalization Movement & United Nations)

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Commission on Global Governance.

Foundation Canada. Canadian world federalists.

World Federalist Association.

In the Library: Articles

Doyle, Michael. "Kant, liberal legacies & foreign affairs," Philosophy & Public Affairs 12,3 & 4 (sum & fall 83):205-54 & 323-53.

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Franck, Thomas. "The emerging right to democratic governance," American Journal of International Law 86,1 (1/92):46-91.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Archibugi, Daniele; David Held & Martin Köhler (eds.) Re-Imagining Political Community: Studies in Cosmopolitan Democracy (Cambridge: Polity, 1998).

Clark, Grenville & Louis B. Sohn. World Peace Through World Law (3rd ed.; Cambridge MA: Harvard, 1966).

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__________. On Humane Governance: Towards a New Global Politics (University Park PA: Pennsylvania State U, 1995).

__________. Law in an Emerging Global Village: A Post-Westphalian Perspective (Ardsley NY: Transnational, 1998).

__________. Predatory Globalization: A Critique (Cambridge: Polity, 1999).

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__________. After Authority: War, Peace, & Global Politics in the 21st C. (Albany: SUNY, 2000).

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Yunker, James A. World Union on the Horizon (Lanham MD: University Press of America, 1993).

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