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Defending Community

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On the Web: Articles

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Institute for Community Economics.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

National Center for Economic & Security Alternatives.

National Community Capital Association.

Solari. On revitalizing local economies.

In the Library: Articles

Barber, Benjamin R. "A mandate for liberty: requiring education-based community service," The Responsive Community 1,2 (spr 1991).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Barber, Benjamin R. The Death of Communal Liberty: A History of Freedom in a Swiss Mountain Canton (Princeton: Princeton U, 1974).

Becher, Jeremy. History from Below: How to Uncover & Tell the Story of Your Community, Association, or Union (New Haven: Advocate, 1986).

Center for Public Integrity. Citizen Muckraking: How to Investigate & Right Wrongs in Your Community (Monroe ME: Common Courage, 2000).

Etzioni, Amitai. The New Golden Rule: Morality & Community in a Democratic Society (NY: Basic Books, 1998).

Fodor, Eben. Better not Bigger: How to Take Control of Urban Growth & Improve Your Community (Philadelphia, 1999).

Gratz, Roberta Brandes. The Living City: Thinking Small in a Big Way (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1989).

__________. Cities Back from the Edge: New Life for Downtown (NY: J. Wiley, 2000).

Hahnel, Robin. The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach (London: Pluto, 2002).

Howard, Philip K. The Collapse of the Common Good: How America's Lawsuit Culture Undermines Our Freedom (NY: Ballantine, 2002).

Kirp, David L. Almost Home: America's Love-Hate Relationship with Community (Princeton: Princeton, 2002).

Swartley, William L. & Donald B. Kraybill (eds.) Building Communities of Compassion: Mennonite Mutual Aid in Theory & Practice (Scottdale PA: Herald, 1998).

Taylor-Ide, Daniel & Carl E. Taylor. Just & Lasting Change: When Communities Own their Own Futures (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins U, 2002).

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