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Cooperatives & Credit Unions

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Co-op America.

In the Library: Articles

Margolis, Richard J. "Coming togethr the cooperative way: its origins, development & prospects,"
New Leader 55,8 (4/17/72)/:

Ronco, William. "The new food co-ops," Working Papers for a New Society 1,1 (spr 1973):35-43.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bogardus, Emory S. Dictionary of Cooperation (Chicago: Cooperative League, 1945).

__________. History of Cooperation (Chicago: Cooperative League, 1946).

__________. Principles of Cooperation [1958] (3rd. ed.; Chicago: Cooperative League, 1964).

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Cox, Craig. Storefront Revolution: Food Co-ops & the Counterculture (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 1994).

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Knapp, Joseph G. The Rise of American Cooperative Enterprise: 1620-1920 (Danville IL: Interstate, 1969).

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