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Asian American Movements

(see also Chinese American, Korean American, Japanese American, Filipino American, Vietnamese American & Hmong American History, Life & Values)

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Asian American Net.

Asian Americans for Community Involvement.

Asian Law Caucus.

Asian Pacific American Legal Center (Southern CA).

Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum.

Chinese for Affirmative Action.

Ethnic Majority.

Japanese American Citizens League.

National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC).

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Chuh, Kandice. Imagine Otherwise: On Asian Americanist Critique (Durham NC: Duke, 2003).

Freeman, James. Hearts of Sorrow: Vietnamese American Lives (Stanford: Stanford U., 1989).

Jenness, Valerie & Ryken Grattet. Making Hate a Crime. From Social Movement to Law Enforcement (NY, 200?).

Lowe, Lisa. Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Politics

Prasad, Vijay. The Karma of Brown Folk (Minneapolis: U. Minnesota, 2000). Radical analysis of US racism, and of the "bad faith" of Asian American chauvinists and "New Age Orientalists."

Skrentny, John D. The Minority Rights Revolution (Cambridge MA: Belknap, 2002).

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