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An "educator," as we see it, is one who works in schools at any level, or in libraries, ministry, the media, or a community action organization, or who in any other way seeks to influence public opinion. If you are a Central Calfornia Coast educator who shares our views & aims, please become a member by sending your name, institutional or organizational affiliation & e-mail or other address to sign-on@mbeaw.org, or by snail-mail to:

PO Box 7260
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Use regularly & help build this website by sending references to any materials you think belong here to editor@mbeaw.org.

Encourage your students, neighbors & elected representatives to use the website.

If you can afford it, please send a check for $10 to $25 to the address above, made out to MBEAW. This will help defray the growing costs of maintaining this site.

For more information about MBEAW, send inquiries to info@mbeaw.org.

Users from elsewhere in the US & around the world are cordially invited to help build & improve this website as contributors. Please send references to any materials you think belong here (links, articles, books, music or films in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German or Italian) to editor@mbeaw.org.

Monterey Bay Educators Against War
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