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For an informed opposition to war, to empire, & to all other forms of institutionalized violence & injustice – as public policy, as practice, as livelihood, & as habit of mind.

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"Collateral Damage: A Reality of War," by E.A. Chase

Monument in downtown Santa Cruz, CA, erected by citizens in 8/95 to commemorate 50th anniversary of atomic bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

This website is an ongoing cooperative endeavor, updated weekly & designed to be of use to legislators, journalists, teachers, students, researchers, pastors, & community activists in their work for peace & justice.

MBEAW draws on the work of investigative journalists, scholars & creative artists to build accessible "resource pages" on hundreds of topics important for healing & transforming the violent & unhealthy world we live in today.

Users are invited to help build these toolkits for change. Send references to any materials you think belong here to Tell us why each item is useful, & where to post it. Then watch them appear!

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