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Military Recruitment

(see also Militarism: US & Europe, Militarization of Foreign Policy, Military History, Life & Values & Conscientious Objection)

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On the Web: Articles

US Ex-Soldiers Dodge Call-Up. Reuters (9/29/04).

The Killing Game. Gary Webb, Sacramento News & Review (10/14/04). For young men, first-person shooters are the hottest computer games around. That's why the Army has spent $10 million making one of its own.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

American Friends Service Committee National Youth & Militarism Program.

"America's Army". Recruitment video game.

Committee Opposed to Militarism & the Draft. Opposes the institution of the military, its budget, its fraudulent recruitment practices, its effect on society, its role at home & abroad, & the racism, sexism & homophobia that inhere within it. Tracks legislation & carries out community education & direct action.

Citizen Soldier.

End the Selective Service.

Draft & Military Alternatives (Resource Center for Nonviolence, Santa Cruz CA).

Friends Committee on National Legislation.

No Child Left Behind Act. Look for sections on military recruitment!

Selective Service Draft Registration Freeze Initiative Resolution Committee.

Selective Service System.

In the Library: Articles

Pollitt, Katha. "Can you spell cannon fodder?" Nation (11/11/02):9.

Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire. "Feeding the military machine," National Catholic Reporter (3/28/03)14-16,

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bandow, Doug. Fighting the War Against Terrorism: Elite Forces, Yes; Conscripts, No (Washington: Cato Institute, 2002).

Cohen, Eliot A. Citizens & Soldiers: The Dilemmas of Military Service (Ithaca: Cornell, 1985).

Griffith, Robert K. Men Wanted for the US Army: America's Experience with an All-Volunteer Army Between the World Wars (Westport CT: Greenwood, 1982).

Lisowski, William. A Critical Look at Military Recruitment & Retention Policies (Santa Monica CA: Rand, 1985).

Marable, Manning. Blacks & the Draft: A History of Racism (Dayton OH: Black Research Associates, 1980).

National Research Council; Committee on the Youth Population & Military Recruitment. Attitudes, Aptitudes & Aspirations of American Youth: Implications for Military Recruiting (Washington: National Academy, 2003).

Pearlman, Michael. To Make Democracy Safe for America: Patricians & Preparedness in the Progressive Era (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 1984).

Scowcroft, Brent (ed.) Military Service in the US (Englewood Cliffs NJ: Prentice Hall, 1982).

Segal, David R. Recruiting for Uncle Sam: Citizenship & Military Manpower Policy (Lawrence: U. of Kansas, 1989).

Zinsmeister, Paul. Military Manpower for Mobilization: The Draft, Registration & Selective Service (Washington: Congressional Research Service, 1980).

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