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Military Bases Abroad

(see also Militarism: US & Europe, Militarism in Poor Countries, Philippines & Japan: Okinawa)

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On the Web: Articles

Issue of US Ordnance Shadows New Panama Bridge. Chris Kraul, LA Times (6/27/05). Unexploded ordnance from US bombing & artillery ranges in old Canal Zone an ongoing threat to Panamanians.

The Arithmentic of US Military Bases Abroad: What Does It All Add Up To? Chalmers Johnson, History News Network (4/30/04).

US Military Wreaks Worldwide Environmental Havoc. Heather Wokusch, AntiWar.com (1/24/04).

US Military Abroad: More Bases Won't Curb Terrorism. William Pfaff, International Herald Tribune (8/2/03).

The US Military's War on the Earth. Bob Feldman, Dollars & Sense [AlterNet] (3/13/03).

US: Pentagon Eyes New Flexible Network of Military Bases Abroad. Jeffrey Donovan, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (2003).

US Military Bases & Empire. The Editors, Monthly Review 53,10 (2002).

Women & the US Military in East Asia. Gwyn Kirk, Rachel Cornwell & Margo Okazawa-Rey, Foreign Policy in Focus (3/99).

US Prepared to Start Five Wars Every Year: Network of Mobile Bases Throughout World is Backbone of New US Military Doctrine. Vadim Soloviev & Vladimir Ivanov, Pravda (1/27/99).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Center for Defense Information.

In the Library: Articles

Schirmer, Daniel B. "Japan & the global policeman," Monthly Review 47,9 (2/96):24-30.

Tyson, Ann Scott. "Uzbek or Dari? Military learns new tongues," Christian Science Monitor (1/2/04).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Lutz, Catherine (ed.) Micronesia as Strategic Colony: The Impact of US Policy on Micronesian Health & Culture (Cambridge: Cultural Survival, 1984).

__________. Homefront: A Military City & the American 20th Century (Boston: Beacon, 2001). Useful for comparison; detailed examination of the interactions between Ft. Bragg & Fayetteville, NC.

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