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(see also Pornography, Sexual Repression, World Health Crises:HIV/AIDS & Slavery & Forced Labor)

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Coalition Against Trafficking in Women. Informative Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation


Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women

Network of Sex Work Projects

New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective

North American Task Force on Prostitution.

Prostitutes' Education Network

Prostitutes of New York

Purple Rose Campaign. Combats sexual trafficking worldwide of Filipina women & children.

Sex Workers International Media Watch

Workers in Sex Employment (Australia)

World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights

In the Library: Articles

Aziz, Christine. "The 'bumsters' of Banjul," New Internationalist (5/94):29. Male sex workers for female European tourists in Gambia.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Barstow, Anne Llewellyn (ed.) War’s Dirty Secret: Rape, Prostitution & other Crimes Against Women (?,200?).

Bell, Laurie (ed.) Good Girls/Bad Girls: Feminists & Sex Trade Workers Face to Face (Seattle: Seal, 1987).

Bliss, Katherine Elaine. Compromised Positions: Prostitution, Public Health & Gender Politics in Revolutionary Mexico City (University Park: Pennsylvania State U., 2003).

Campagna, Daniel S & Donald L. Poffenberger. The Sexual Trafficking in Children: An Investigation of the Child Sex Trade (Dover MA: Auburn House, 1988).

Clift, Stephen & Simon Carter. Tourism & Sex: Culture, Commerce & Coercion (London, 2000).

Davidson, Julia O'Connell. Prostitution, Power, & Freedom (Ann Arbor: U. Michigan, 1998).

Guy, Donna J. Sex & Danger in Buenos Aires: Prostitution, Family, & Nation in Argentina (U. of Nebraska, 1995).

Human Rights Watch/Asia. Rape for Profit: Trafficking of Nepali Girls & Women to India's Brothels (NY: Human Rights Watch, 1995).

Jenness, Valerie. Making it Work: The Prostitute's Rights Movement in Perspective (NY: Aldine de Gruyter, 1993).

Law, Lisa. Sex Work in Southeast Asia. The Place of Desire in a Time of HIV/AIDS (NY: Routledge, 2000).

Oppermann, Martin (ed.) Sex Tourism & Prostitution: Aspects of Leisure, Recreation & Work (Elmsford NY: Cognizant Communication, 1998).

Shteir, Rachel. Striptease (NY: Oxford, 2005).

Truong, Thanh-Dam. Sex, Morality, & Money: Prostitution & Tourism in Southeast Asia (London: Zed, 1990).

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In the Library: Photography

Plachy, Sylvia. Red Light: Inside the Sex Industry (NY: Powerhouse, 1996).

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"Working Girls" [1980], dir. Lizzie Borden, 90m.

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