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Police Work

(see also Police Brutality & Citizens' Police Review)

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Police Work.

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Appier, Janis. Policing Women: The Sexual Politics of Law Enforcement & the LAPD (Philadelphia: Temple, 1998).

Bechtel, H. Kenneth. State Police in the US: A Socio-Historical Analysis (Westport CT: Greenwood, 1995).

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Carroll, Dennis J. Of Cops & Priests: Uses of Social & Moral Authority in Contemporary Irish-American Literature (NY: P. Lang, 1993).

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Tyler, Tom R. & Yuen J. Huo. Trust in the Law. Encouraging Public Cooperation with the Police & Courts (NY: Russell Sage, 200?).

Walker, Samuel. A Critical History of Police Reform: The Emergence of Professionalism (Lexington MA: Lexington, 1977).

Woods, Gerald. The Police in Los Angeles: Reform & Professionalization (NY: Garland, 1993).

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Film & Video

"Hill Street Blues" [1981], dir. Stephen Bochco & Michael Kozoll. TV series on police work (1981-1987).

"Homicide: Life on the Street" [1993], dir. Paul Attanasio. TV series on police work in Baltimore (122 episodes, 1993-1999).

"NYPD Blue" [1993], dir. Stephen Bochco & David Milch. TV series on police work in New York (1993-?).

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