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Voices of Reason: Journalists

Eric Alterman
Tariq Ali
James Carroll
Alexander Cockburn
Fred J. Cook
Marc Cooper
E.J. Dionne
P.D. East
Barbara Ehrenreich
James Fallows
Robert Fisk
Amy Goodman
Ellen Goodman
Neve Gordon
Alma Guillermoprieto
Nat Hentoff
Bob Herbert
Seymour Hersh
Dilip Hiro
Christopher Hitchens


Molly Ivins
Stetson Kennedy
Naomi Klein
Andrew Kopkind
Penny Lernoux
Anthony Lewis
Gary MacEoin
Colman McCarthy
Carey McWilliams
Manning Marable
George Monbiot
Bill Moyers
Geov Parrish
Katha Pollitt
Adolph Reed Jr.
Palagummi Sainath
Robert Scheer
Daniel Singer
I.F. Stone
Joann Wypijewski


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