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Social Security

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On the Web: Articles

Why We Need Social Security. Paul Starr, American Prospect (2/05).

Social Security: Privatization is a Phony Solution to a Ginned-Up Crisis. Paul Krugman, Minneapolis Star Tribune (1/5/05).

Defending Social Security. Jesselee, Stakeholder (12/18/04).

Social Security: Inventing a Crisis. Paul Krugman, ZNet (12/8/04).

Social Security. Senior Journal. Basic information about "the most successful government program in our nation's history."

On the Web: Specialized Sites

American Association of Retired Persons.

International Social Security Association.

Senior Journal.

Social Security Network. Invaluable source for the struggle to defend.

Social Security Reform Center. Clear presentation of arguments for privatization.

In the Library: Articles

Dreyfuss, Robert. "The end of Social Security as we know it?" Mother Jones (11-12/96):50-58. Reviews campaign to abolish it, & arguments against it dating back to Alf Landon.

Hertzberg, Hendrick. "Unsocial insecurity," New Yorker (1/24/05). Concise critique of "crisis" fraud.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Achenbaum, W. Andrew. Social Security: Visions & Revisions (NY: Cambridge, 1986).

Baker, Dean & Howard Weisbrot. Social Security: The Phony Crisis (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1999).

Conason, Joe. The Raw Deal: How the Bush Republicans Plan to Destroy Social Security & the Legacy of the New Deal (Sausalito CA: Polipoint, 2004).

Dixon, John (ed.) Social Security in Global Perspective (Westport CT: Praeger, 1999).

Light, Paul Charles. Artful Work: The Politics of Social Security Reform (NY: Random House, 1985).

Lloyd-Sherlock, Peter. Living Longer: Ageing, Development & Social Protection (NY: Zed, 2004).

Miles, John & Jill Quadagno (eds.) States, Labor Markets & the Future of Old Age Policy (Philadelphia: Temple, 1991).

Quadagno, Jill. The Transformation of Old Age Security: Class & Politics in the American Welfare State (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 1988).

Weaver, Carolyn L. The Crisis in Social Security: Economic & Political Origins (Durham NC: Duke, 1982).

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