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Political Comics & Cartoons

On the Web:

Joel Andreas (Addicted to War).

Badmash. South Asian American political commentary.

Lynda Barry (Marlys).

Alison Bechdel (Dykes to Watch Out For).

Ruben Bolling (Tom the Dancing Bug).

Al Capp (Li'l Abner).

Lloyd Dangle .

Jim Davis (Garfield).

Jules Feiffer.

Mark Fiore.

Nicole Hollander (Sylvia).

Crockett Johnson (Barnaby).

John Jonik.

Charley Parker, with Debbie Rogow & Sherri Grassmuck (Get Real),

Marc Rosenthal

Walt Kelly (Pogo).

Bill Mauldin (Willie & Joe).

Aaron McGruder (Boondocks).

Naji Al-Ali (Handala). Popular & influential Palestinian political cartoonist assassinated in 1987.

Dan O'Neill (Air Pirates).

Quino [Joaquín Salvador Lavado] (Mafalda). Argentine classic.

Rius [Eduardo del Rio] (Los Agachados, Los Supermachos, El Chahuistle, etc.). An all-time great practitioner of this craft, icon to a generation of Mexican & worldwide leftists, but still hard to track on Internet. We'd be grateful for any assistance here.

Ted Rall.

Joe Sacco (Fantagraphics).

Charles Schulz (Snoopy).

Art Spiegelman (Maus & In the Shadow of No Towers).

Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World).

Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury).

Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes).

Get Your War On.


In the Library or Independent Bookstore:

Andreas, Joel. Addicted to War (Oakland: AK, 2002).

Bechdel, Alison. Dykes & Sundry Other Carbon-Based Life Forms to Watch Out For (?: Alyson, 2003).

Chesneaux, Jean. The People's Comic Book: Red Women's Detachment, Hot on the Trail & Other Chinese Comics (trans. Frances Frenaye; NY: Anchor, 1973).

Levin, Bob. The Pirates & the Mouse: Disney's War Against the Counterculture (Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2003).

McGruder, Aaron. A Right to Be Hostile: The First Big Book of the Boondocks (NY: Three Rivers,2003).

Rall, Ted (ed.) Attitude: The New Subversive Political Cartoonists (NY: NBM, 2002).

Sacco, Joe. Spotlight on the Genius that is Joe Sacco (Seattle: Fantagraphics, 199?).

__________. Safe Area Gorazde (Seattle: Fantagraphics, 199?).

__________. Palestine Book One: A Nation Occupied (Seattle: Fantagraphics, 199?).

__________. Notes from a Defeatist (London: Jonathan Cape, 2003).

Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood (NY: Pantheon, 2003).

__________. Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return (NY: Pantheon, 2004).

Tomorrow, Tom. The Great Big Book of Tomorrow (NY: St. Martin's Griffin, 2003).

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