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Alternative News & Commentary Sites

Afrol. Independent news & commentary on Africa (Spanish & English).

The Agonist.

Al Jazeera. Independent Arab TV news service based in Qatar.



Bad Subjects (Political Education for Everyday Life).

BBC World Service.

Bear Left.

Better World Links. Norbert's compendium.

Big, Left, Outside. Al Giordano & Dan Feder.

Boston Independent Media Center.


Choices: The Human Development Magazine (UN Development Programme).

Common Dreams News Center.

Conscious Choice.

Consortium News.

Counter Currents (India).

Counterpunch. Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair.


DC Independent Media Center.

Dissident Voice.

Extra! (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, FAIR).

Focus on the Global South (Bangkok).

Free Press (Columbus OH).

From the Wilderness. Michael C. Ruppert.

Global Beat.

Global Info.

Global Policy Forum.

Global Policy Network.

Google News.

Green Press.

Grist. Environmental News & Commentary.

Guerrilla News Network.

Here Instead.


Independent Media Center (IndyMedia).

Information Clearing House.

Institute for Global Communications.

Insurgent Desire (Green Anarchist).

Interesting Times.

Media Channel.

Memory Hole. Russ Kick.



Moving Ideas.

National Security Archive.

Norbert's Bookmarks for a Better World.

On Line Journal.

On Power: The Independent Institute

Orion Society.

Pacific News Service.

Pessimism of the Mind.

Philadelphia Independent Media Center.

Portland Independent Media Center.

Progressive Portal.

Punk Planet.


The Raw Story.

Rebelión (Mexico City).

Red Pepper (UK).


Resistance (Australia).

Root Media.


Santa Cruz Independent Media Center.

Seattle Independent Media Center.

Selves & Others.

Smoking Gun. Key primary documents for understanding current affairs.

Talk Left: The Politics of Crime.

Talking Points Memo. Joshua Micah Marshall.

Third World Network.

Tom Dispatch (Tom Engelhardt).


Transnational Institute.


Unknown News.

Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organization.

Working For Change.

World Policy Journal.



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