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Health Care Reform: Single-Payer Health Insurance

(see also Health Care Reform & Health Care Reform: Managed Care)

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On the Web: Articles

Single-Payer Health Plan Gains Support from Nation's Physicians. The Nation's Health (10/03).

Dennis Kucinich on Universal Health Care (sum 2003).

Ownership Matters. Canadian Union of Public Employees (10/28/02). On threatened privatization of Canada's exemplary single-payer health insurance system.

Q: Would Singer-Payer Health Insurance Be Good for America? Don R. MaCanne, Insight (3/27/00).

The Case for Single Payer, Universal Health Care for the United States. John R. Battista & Justine McCabe, talk to Green Party gathering in Connecticut (6/4/99).

Canada's Single Payer Health Care System: It's Worth a Look. Bruce Robinson (n.d.).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

California Nurses Association. Strong supporters of universal & comprehensive health care.

Health Care for All -- California.

Physicians for a National Health Program.

In the Library: Articles

Bendavid, Naftali. "New openings for single-payer," Nation (5/16/94):662-64. Call for unity amidst disagreements among long-time supporters of single-payer over support for Clinton & other plans.

Bernard, Elaine. "The politics of Canada's health care system: lessons for the US," Radical America 24,3 (7-9/90, pub. in 2/93).

Butts, Mickey. "California dreaming," In These Times (10/31/94):18-20. 1994 campaign for state single-payer system. Proponents with $4m won 25% of vote against opponents with $50m.

Consumer Reports. 3-part series: "Wasted health care dollars," "Are HMOs the answer?" & "Does Canada have the answer?" (7,8 & 9/92):435-48, 519-31 & 579-92.

Consumer Reports. 3-part series: "Wasted health care dollars," "Are HMOs the answer?" & "Does Canada have the answer?" (7,8 & 9/92):435-48, 519-31 & 579-92.

Corn, David. "Big players vs. single-payer," Sacramento News & Review (5/6/93):14-18.

Maschinot, Beth & James Weinstein. "Health care for all: Rita Valenti fights for a single-payer system," In These Times (4/19/93):10-11. Georgians for a Common Sense Health Plan.

Nauth, Zack. "Medical emergency," In These Times (4/19/93):23-25. Neighbor to Neighbor & other single-payer advocates racing against time as Clintons prepare to reveal their plan.

Woolhandler, Steffie & David U. Himmelstein. "Socialized medicine is good business: a single-payer system would save both lives & money," In These Times (1/25/93):18-

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bennett, Arnold & Orvill Adams (eds.) Looking North for Health: What We Can Learn from Canada's Health Care System (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1993).

Goodman, John C. & Devon M. Herrick. Twenty Myths About Single-Payer Health Insurance: International Evidence on the Effects of National Health Insurance in Countries Around the World (Dallas: National Center for Policy Analysis, n.d.). Extended conservative argument against single-payer.

Himmelstein, David & Steffie Woolhandler. The National Health Program Book: A Source Guide for Advocates (Monroe ME: Common Courage, 1994).

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