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Health Care Reform: Managed Care

(see also Capitalist Medicine, Health Care Reform & Health Care Reform: Single-Payer Insurance)

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Consumer Reports. 3-part series: "Wasted health care dollars," "Are HMOs the answer?" & "Does Canada have the answer?" (7,8 & 9/92):435-48, 519-31 & 579-92.

Enthoven, Alain C. "A cure for health costs," World Monitor (4/92). Arguments of chief theorist & promoter of "managed care" idea.

Gordon, Suzanne & Judith Shindul-Rothschild. "The managed care scam," Nation (5/16/94):657-62.

Judis, John. "The Clintons' health cares," In These Times (4/19/93):14-17. Big issues behind move to managed care.

__________. "Taking sides in Washington," In These Times (4/19/93):18-19. Congressional politics behind move to managed care.

Larson, Erik. "What your doctor can't tell you: the soul of an HMO," Time (1/22/96):45-52. A single patient's fight to survive within the managed care system.

Moberg, David. "Labor's health cares," In These Times (4/19/93)20-21. Labor leadership, once preferring a single-payer system, now leads toward managed care.

__________. "Health snare?" In These Times (10/4/93):20-22. Provisions of Clinton plan.

Navarro, Vicente. "Wrong medicine," Nation (2/1/93):113-14.

Randal, Judith. "Wrong prescription: why managed competition is no cure," Progressive (5/93):22-25. Includes note on Alain Enthoven & the "Jackson Hole gang."

Sherrill, Robert. "Medicine & the madness of the market," Nation (1/9/95):45-72. Introduction to roles of government, hospitals, doctors, drug companies, insurance companies & health care conglomerates in delivery of corporatized medical service.

Woolhandlier, Steffie & David U. Himmelstein. "Giant HMO A or giant HMO B?" Nation (9/19/94):265-67.

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Starr, Paul. The Logic of Health Care Reform: Why & How the President's Plan Will Work (NY:Penguin, 1994).

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