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Big Pharma

(see also Capitalist Medicine)

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On the Web: Articles

Big Pharma Puts Block on Cheap Drug Imports. Nick Mathiason, Guardian (8/3/03).

2002 Fortune 500 Report on Pharmaceutical Industry. (4/15/02). Shows fabulous profitability.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

NofreeLunch.org- Center for Medical Consumers.

Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America. Industry association.

In the Library: Articles

Greider, Katharine. “Offering hope-at a price,” Nation (6/9/03):26-28.

Lamb, Gregory. "Cheap drug imports- who wins," Christian Science Monitor (10/16/03):14.

Napoli, Maryann. “Dr. No Free Lunch,” Mother Jones (4-5/03):24

Marks, Alexandra. "Steep rise in abuse of legal drugs," Christian Science Monitor (10/1/03):11.

Silverstein, Ken. "Millions for Viagra, pennies for diseases of the poor. Research money goes to profitable lifestyle drugs," Nation (7/19/99):13-19.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Angell, Marcia. The Truth About the Drug Companies: How they Deceive Us & What to Do About It (NY: Random House, 2004).

Barlett, Donald L. & James B. Steele. Critical Condition: How Health Care in America Became Big Business -- & Bad Medicine (NY: Doubleday, 2004).

Greider, Ketherine. The Big Fix: How the Pharmaeutical Industry Rips Off American Customers (NY: Public Affairs, 2003.

Kremer, Michael & Rachel Glennerster. Strong Medicine: Creating Incentives for Pharmaceutical Research on Neglected Diseases (Princeton NJ: Princeton, 200?).

Silverman, Milton. The Drugging of the Americas: How Multinational Drug Companies Say One thing about their Products to Physicians in the US, and Another to Physicians in Latin America (Berkeley, 1976).

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