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Solar Energy

(see also Energy Self-Sufficiency)

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American Solar Energy Society.


Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (US DOE).

Green Festivals.

International Solar Energy Society.

Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

Mexico Renewable Energy Program.

Million Solar Roofs Initiative.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory .

National Resources Defense Council.

Resources for the Future.

Sandia National Laboratory: Renewable Energy Office.

Solar Cookers International.


Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF). Ladakh Solar Energy Project.

Solar Energy International.

In the Library: Articles

Casey, Nan. "Grid to green," Progressive (11/02):30-32. Photovoltaic power generation can now be built in by architects at competitive cost.

Coleman, Jennifer. "Whatever happened to the solar," SN&R (7/23/88):18-23.

Marotto, lkR. "Subtexts of solar energy," Capitalism Nature Socialism 5 (1990).

Ridgeway, James. "Soaking up the sun: a proposal for the energy crisis," Working Papers for a New Society 1,4 (win 1974):32-37.

Watson, Guy. "Solar system," New Internationalist (4/95):6. Solar power systems for Eritrean hospitals.

Woods, Casey. "Cooking with the sun," San Francisco Chronicle (07/26/01). Twenty-six Chilean families in Villaseca abandon wood-burning stoves to bake in ten easily maintained solar ovens.

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Ridgway, James with Carolyn S. Projansky. Energy-Efficient Community Planning: A Guide to Saving Energy & Producing Power at the Local Level (Emmaus PA: JG Press, 1979).

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"Sunny Nicaragua: Getting Power to the People" [2001?], by Sam Dean.

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