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Mexican American Movements

(see also American Radicalism, Latino Movements & Mexican American History, Life & Values)

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American GI Forum.

Ethnic Majority.

League of United Latin American Citzens (LULAC).

Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund (MALDEF).

National Council of La Raza.

United Farmworkers of America.

In the Library: Articles

Bouvard, Marguerite Guzmán. "Juana Beatriz Gutiérrez & the Mothers of East Los Angeles (interview)," in her Women Reshaping Human Rights (Wilmington DE: Scholarly Resources, 1996), pp. 179-197. Community & environmental justice organizer.

Honig, Emily. "Women at Farah revisited: political mobilization & its aftermath among Chicana workers in El Paso, Texas, 1972-1992," Feminist Studies 22 (1996):425-52.

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Pardo, Mary. "Mexican-American women grass-roots community activists: the Mothers of East Los Angeles," Frontiers 11,1 (1990):1-8.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Acuña, Rodolfo. Occupied America: A History of Chicanos [1972] (4th ed.; Longman, 2000).

Arredondo, Gabriela F.; Aída Hurtado, Norma Klahn, Olga Nájera-Ramírez & Patricia Zavella (eds.) Chicana Feminisms: A Critical Reader (Durham NC: Duke, 2003).

Biberman, Herbert J. Salt of the Earth: The Story of a Film (Boston: Beacon, 1965).

Buss, Fran Leeper (ed.) Forged Under the Sun/Forjada bajo el sol: The Life of Maria Elena Lucas (Ann Arbor, 1993).

Chávez, Ernesto. Mi Raza Primero! (My People First!): Nationalism, Identity, & Insurgency in the Chicano Movement in Los Angeles (Berkeley: U. California, 2002).

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__________. La Raza & Revolution: The Empirical Conditions of Revolution in Four South Texas Counties (San Francisco: R & E Research Associates, 1972).

__________. A Gringo Manual on How to Handle Mexicans [1973] (2nd rev. ed.; Houston: Arte Publico, 2001).

__________. The Walkout of 1969: A Diary of Events (Crystal City TX: José Angel Gutiérrez, 1979).

__________. The Making of a Chicano Militant: Lessons from Cristal (Madison: U. Wisconsin, 1998).

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__________. De Colores Means All of Us: Latina Views for a Multi-Colored Century (Cambridge MA: South End, 1998).

Moore, Burton. Love & Riot: Oscar Zeta Acosta & the Great Mexican American Revolt (Mountain View CA: Floricanto, 2004).

Muñoz, Carlos. Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement (NY: Verso, 1989).

Rius (Eduardo del Rio). The Chicanos (NY: NACLA, 1973). Political comic.

Rosenbaum, Robert J. Mexicano Resistance in the Southwest: "The Sacred Right of Self-Preservation" (Austin: U. of Texas, 1981).

Sánchez, David. Expedition through Aztlan (La Puente CA: Perspectiva, 1978).

Skrentny, John D. The Minority Rights Revolution (Cambridge MA: Belknap, 2002).

Vidal, Mirta. Chicano Liberation & Revolutionary Youth (NY: Pathfinder, 1971).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Chicano! The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement" [1996], by Galan Productions & National Latino Communications Center, 57m. From NLCC Educational Media.

"Ernesto J. Cortes, Jr.: Mobilizing the Latino Community" [1994], dir. Gail Pellett, 50m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

"I Am Joaquin" [1969], by El Teatro Campesino, 19m.

"Salt of the Earth" [1953], dir. Herbert Biberman, 94m. From Voyager Company.

"Viva la Causa! 500 Years of Chicano History" [1995], by Southwest Organizing Project & Collision Course Video, 56m. From Collision Course Video.

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